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What are Bunions?

A bunion is essentially a partial dislocation of the big toe at the joint that progressively worsens over time. The end of the big toe slowly dislocates further and further towards the smaller toes while the end of the first metatarsal (at the base of the toe) becomes more protuberant. Often times this creates an obvious bump on the side of your feet that can get easily irritated and become painful.

Don't neglect it today!

You will most likely notice a bump forming long before you experience pain. And, ignoring changes in the feet is a big mistake – it is always easier to prevent a foot condition than to treat one. However, most of us often choose to continue the same foot care habits despite the negative effects they have on our feet. Eventually, what may have seemed like a simple cosmetic issue ends up causing daily pain. 

We have conservative treatment options available to treat your bunion pain with the final option being surgical management of your foot pain surgery.

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