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Flat Feet

There are many options for flatfoot treatment, including conservative therapy and surgery. We must first assess the degree of your deformity in order to make the best recommendations for you. The progression of the issue, the variety of your symptoms, and the degree of your pain are all relevant information that can help with a diagnosis. A complete examination of your standing and walking posture, along with an X-ray and foot analysis, will help us determine the precise type of therapy you require to recover. 


For less serious patients, night splints, strapping, and the RICE regimen (rest, ice, compression, elevation) are effective treatments. We also would consider orthotics to help support the arches of the feet. For those with more severe foot pain, we also specialize in Flatfoot reconstructive surgery which may finally provide adequate relief for those who have been dealing with chronic pain from the collapsed foot arch.

We have the superior podiatric care you require if you're debating conservative therapy versus surgery for your adult flatfoot. Your local podiatrist can diagnose your pain in a number of different ways and will properly educate you on the options so you can make the best decision possible.

Reflexology Therapy
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