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Athlete's Feet

​Itchy feet? 

Normally, the pain and irritability start between your toes, but they can quickly spread to your soles, the outside of your feet, and even other parts of your body. A scaly rash that stings and burns, as well as skin that is peeling, cracking, and blistering are signs of having a fungal infection. 

Recommendations such as leather for shoes and cotton for socks. These permit moisture to evaporate and air to reach the feet. Lysol your shoes when you are not wearing them for the day. Wear sandals or shower shoes to protect your feet when you're in public, and under no circumstances should you trade towels or shoes!


If you encounter this problem, don't worry! We can help treat the problem by evaluating your foot and giving you the proper treatment and recommendations! Make and appointment today!

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